It can be difficult to choose what tyres to use during the harvest season. Selecting the right tyres can be daunting as there is more choice than ever and seasonal challenges also continue to increase and evolve. What are the key factors one should consider, and which tyres are best suited to match individual requirements?


Over the course of the harvest season, it is more than likely that tyre pressure is going to be changed regularly, depending on the harvesting tasks undertaken. When considering harvest tyres, it is worth mapping out the relevant tasks and thinking about when higher or lower pressure will be needed. High tyre pressure increases rigidity, which is beneficial for high load or reducing rolling resistance when on the road. Low pressure in the tyres can result in more power (than needed) being used, and increased heat generation in the casing. Extreme cases of low pressure, combined with high load usage, will result in premature tyre failure.

When considering tyres suitable for one’s operational demands, it’s worth evaluating a product that provides a degree of flexibility when in service, able to operate at varying levels of pressure.

The Vredestein Traxion XXL (which received a Gold Standard Approved Performance Rating in 2015) could potentially be the solution to a potential pressure dilemma. The Traxion XXL is designed to take on high load capacity and volume with unique cleats and compound properties that both extend the lifespan of the tyre, while also providing maximum traction and enhanced comfort. The tyre is able to operate effectively at a range of pressures, loads and speeds. A guide is published on each tyre size and available on the web site: www.vredestein.co.uk/agricultural.  Hard copies can be obtained on request.



Technology should also be something to consider when choosing which tyre to use. Technology is constantly evolving, releasing new products with the latest production techniques and features, designed to give the best return on tyre investment. However, it can be tricky deciding which technological features can enhance functionality whilst providing good value.

One key technological component to consider is whether or not tyres have VF (very high flexibility). The more the tyre has been optimised with VF, like our Traxion Optimall, the more options are available to take into account increased load at a lower tyre pressure. Increased flexibility can really make a difference ensuring tyres still perform at lower pressures whilst reducing soil compaction and slippage.


Weights and loads play a massive part throughout harvesting and are definitely an important consideration when choosing harvest season tyres. If the balance of the load distribution on the vehicle and tyres is incorrect, it will reduce the tyre’s life and serviceability.  

General advice tends towards the lowest possible pressure in the tyres to carry the vehicle’s operational weight whilst working the field.  Avoiding soil compaction helps increase the yield.

The Vredestein Traxion Harvest tyre range takes this into account and has been optimised specifically to meet individual demands. The Traxion Harvest features unique curved cleats that provide high traction, stability and comfort. In addition, the CHO technology helps the Traxion Harvest maximise soil preservation while the strength of the flexible casing allows for higher load capacities and more durability. It’s worth considering this as a potential option to address issues with weights and load distribution while ensuring soil compaction doesn’t become a major issue (full specifications can be found on the website: https://www.vredestein.co.uk/agricultural.)

Whatever problems might be anticipated during harvest season, choosing the right tyres can make a world of difference and knowing what products and brands offer potential solutions is key to a smooth and successful season.

Our experts can also provide additional support and advice when looking at tyres for the harvest season. Browse our range of products today or contact our specialist for the UK.


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